Who we are

Approved by the Ministry of Industry, we have the electrical, telecommunications, boiler and air conditioning installer’s license, among others.


About us

Young but with extensive experience, our team works in a single direction, the total satisfaction of our customers with our work, with this common goal we get that every day more people trust and value our work, but we do not stop, we continue recycling and working with new technologies that invade the market with the sole purpose of continuing to offer a service in line with market requirements.

Distinctions and references

As time goes by, more and more big companies trust us; without going any further, Telefónica Movistar, through its contract Itete, authorised and approved us to work its communications network in Lorca.

Orange and Jazztel trusted us through their contract Poas to be the authorised technical service in Lorca, Mazarrón, Alhama de Murcia, Puerto Lumbreras and Águilas.

Approved by the Ministry of Industry, we have the installer’s license for electricity, telecommunications, boiler manipulator and air conditioning among others.


We opened our doors back in 2011, with the illusion and desire to do a good job and build a reputation, located in Lorca and born with the intention of supplying with a simple call all the needs that may arise in terms of electricity and electronics are concerned, we continue to do so, that if, with more experience and knowledge.

We know how difficult it is to find professionals capable of doing a serious, economical and reliable job, and precisely for this reason we decided to open our doors, because we firmly believe that it is possible, that with humility we meet these qualities to which we add our knowledge and desire to do things well.

With a highly qualified staff, we are able to solve the most complex electrical faults, whether domestic or industrial electricity; trained in the branches of automation, we offer companies and individuals a wide range of solutions in terms of remodeling of old facilities or the creation of new ones through the most innovative technologies in remote control.

Aware of the serious problem caused by the lack of water in our region, we provide our farmers with the most innovative irrigation systems in the sector in terms of water use, which together with our studies of energy efficiency in pumping, we will always offer the most profitable and economical solution. Do not hesitate to trust us.

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